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The 11+ Problem: Our solution

Navigating selective senior school entry is complex. Admissions can be highly competitive, and that requires parents to make the right decisions in response to a multitude of questions. For many families, the pressure of the competition can result in the whole process being a stressful experience. 

Grammar or independent?

All boys, all girls, co-ed?

It costs how much??!!

Should I be using a tutor?

What’s the difference between GL, CEM & ISEB?

Which school is the right one for my child?

How many schools should I apply for?

Interviews? Now you tell me…

Does the tutor really know what’s needed?

Surely they can’t expect a 10 year old to be able to answer this?


For parents looking to help improve their children’s chances of selective school entry, they typically opt for one, or both, of two routes:

Taking their child out of the primary system and sending them to an independent preparatory school. Day school fees range from £10,000 to £22,000 a year or boarding from £18,000 to £30,000 a year;

DIY approach - which involves getting a measure of each school’s requirement, but also sourcing practice questions and, if you don’t want to do the teaching yourself, then hiring a tutor. This in itself can be full of difficulty. Tutoring is an unregulated industry and the quality of your tutor can be unknown and it's not unusual for costs that are typically £30 to £100 an hour to mount quickly without total clarity on what progress is being made.

We are revolutionising 11+ preparation by offering a quality of exam preparation that goes beyond what can be found at even the very best prep schools and removes the need for a tutor – all at a compelling price.

At Meta Prep everything you need to successfully navigate the 11+ is all in one place.

  • Clear, trustworthy advice about which schools to target.
  • Knowledge of entry requirements to each school.
  • Outstanding teaching that will prepare your child for their specific school.
  • An educational methodology that will future proof your child to thrive in life beyond school.
  • Technology that not only enables us to offer incredible insights on pupil progress but allows us to provide all of the above at an outstanding price point.

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