11+ Mock Exams

Ready to assess months of revision and preparation? Meta Prep’s Mock Exams are the perfect staging post for your child as they move into Year 6 and sit their online entrance tests. Ensure that your child is fully prepared for what’s ahead. Our online mocks, created by experienced 11+ examiners are designed to enable a … Read more

Maths Skills

The foundation stones: developing confidence in Maths.  Holiday workshop: Monday to Friday | Open to Pupils in Years 4 & 5  By underpinning your child’s learning with a number of key skills your child will feel more confident about their maths and this in turn generates greater success in day to day lessons. We will … Read more

Becoming An Expert Learner

Holiday workshop: Monday to Friday | For children in Years 4, 5 & 6.  The primary school process is a maze of exams, schools and intensive learning. Our course teaches your child the foundations and visual tools necessary for revolutionising how they learn, in essence Metacognition!   We will show your child how to: Increase their … Read more

Introduction to 11+ Reasoning

The 11+ exam, in all its forms, is primarily an intelligence test that assesses your child’s problem-solving skills when working at speed and determines how effectively they can process information. Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning is not part of the National Curriculum and this style of assessment can feel quite strange for many children in the … Read more

Creative Writing workshop

Ramp up your writing: enabling your child to develop their creative talents, secure mastery within their writing and delight in story-telling is crucial to passing the written English 11+ papers and preparing them for secondary school. Holiday workshop: Monday to Friday | Open to children in Years 4, 5 & 6 Each day we look … Read more