Why are we talking about Mental Health?

It is Mental Health Awareness week and this year is about tackling loneliness and the risk it has upon our own health and mental wellbeing. Dealing with loneliness can be difficult. Thankfully, there are things we can all do and prevent some of the negative feelings and mental health problems that can come with it. … Read more

What’s important? Mental Health or Knowledge? Creating the right conditions for learning

Mental Health is not just important, it is paramount and fundamental to our physical and emotional welfare. Improving mental health cannot just be about offering something to fix the problem, it is about establishing healthy foundations and routines. Reading Dr Naomi Fisher’s blog this week about the ‘crisis in mental health’, exacerbated by the past … Read more

Is sleep all it’s cracked up to be?

Our brain is the boss of the body. The squishy mass encased in our skull runs the show and controls just about everything we do, even whilst we sleep. Not bad for something that looks like a big grey wrinkly sponge. As we love to remind our Meta Prep pupils, the brain is a muscle … Read more

National offer day. How do I make the final decision?

National offer day for secondary school places, 1st March 2022, has been and gone. The competition for places at good state or grammar schools has only been multiplied in the past decade which means that for many parents, it is often a day of disappointment or increased stress. Furthermore, the choice of secondary schools can … Read more