Creative Writing workshop

Ramp up your writing: enabling your child to develop their creative talents, secure mastery within their writing and delight in story-telling is crucial to passing the written English 11+ papers and preparing them for secondary school.

Holiday workshop: Monday to Friday | Open to children in Years 4, 5 & 6

Each day we look at a different writing challenge; work on imagery and mood to engage the reader; and use Thinking Frames to plan and prepare for the task ahead.

With the basic skills in place and a solid understanding of the task, we want all our pupils to leave with their imagination fired up and ready to put pen to paper.

Monday: Writing a descriptive scene

  • Introduce the ‘Describing’ Thinking Frame
  • Learn how to make decisions when choosing from various topics or a picture in an exam
  • Discover the key approaches to planning story elements

Tuesday: Continuation writing – developing a story

  • Introduce the ‘Sequencing’ Thinking Frame
  • Learn how to successfully finish off a story or develop it further
  • Develop understanding and use of literary and authorial techniques in order to create an outstanding piece of independent writing

Wednesday: Show, don’t tell!

  • Introduce the ‘Cause & Effect’ Thinking Frame
  • Improve the quality of written description and imagery by learning and practising specific literary techniques

Thursday: Writing from a different perspective 

  • Use inferential thinking skills to tell the same story from another character’s point of view 
  • Employ the use of ‘character diagrams’ to develop a deep understanding of characters and their motivations
  • Use critical and deductive reasoning skills to look for subtleties that lie beneath the surface of the text
  • Practise writing from Third person to First person point of view

Friday: Writing from a title or prompt

  • Use the ‘Sequencing’ Thinking Frame to plan a short story
  • Learn how to write a story to fit a specific title 

£180 for the 5 days (7.5 hours in total)