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Termly Fees (12 weeks)

Our termly fees, paid monthly, make us the affordable alternative to prep school and by offering your child a complete 11+ curriculum, a huge database of questions, expert teachers and advice, there is no need to spend additional money on tutoring or practice materials.

  • Year 4 - £540
  • Year 5 - £1200

1:1 Fees

In Year 6, the focus is on specific school requirements and specialist papers to ensure that each child is fully equipped and prepared for 11+ success. The fee includes diagnostic papers and our Metacognitive Notebook.

  • Year 6 - £80/hr


At the core of our offer: 12 weeks of online lessons covering all the key topics required for success, with our experienced 11+ teachers.

The termly fee also includes:

  • Initial meeting and conversation with the Head of Meta Prep;
  • Baseline Assessments in English, Maths and Reasoning;
  • Regularly updated roadmap;
  • Weekly face-to-face lessons on Zoom - Y4 one hour a week, Y5 two hours a week;
  • Metacognitive Notebook for pupils in Year 5
  • Motivation Map to understand your child's key motivators;
  • Regular progress tests using 11+ style questions;
  • Interview and group assessment preparation;
  • The Parent Portal to monitor progress of your child’s learning;
  • The Pupil Portal containing an extensive bank of 11+ questions, Metacognitive visual tools and learning resources.