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Non-Verbal reasoning

This week, we are giving away a Non-Verbal Reasoning checklist for quick-win figure recognition questions that help children work through and avoid the usual pitfalls. These types of questions involve spatial awareness and quantitative reasoning skills.

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Welcome to our free 11+ resources page. For the next 8 weeks, we will be giving away, each week, a completely new free 11+ resource designed by our experienced 11+ teachers to develop and reinforce exam skills. Sign up to the newsletter to access all our free resources. Our first week’s video is all about Ratio.

We are revolutionising 11+ preparation by offering a quality of exam preparation that goes beyond what can be found at even the very best prep schools and removes the need for a tutor – all at a compelling price. To help parents, our experienced 11+ teachers have put their heads together to come up with some excellent resources to help parents at home.

We are offering free resources for 11+ practice to help parents as they support their child preparing for Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning tests; whether for the grammar school exams or ISEB Pre-test. 

Metacognition is about being a better thinker – ask yourself: how do you know that you know something? It is the ability to think about your thinking. You might be able to trot out the correct answer to a problem, but metacognition is the ability to say how you got to that answer and why it is correct, or incorrect. Normalising failure is important. Metacognitively aware learners are not afraid to make mistakes, they know it’s a learning process and gives them an opportunity to rethink. Targets are important for all of us and help us see purpose and visualise the route ahead. 

Our weekly free 11+ resources are to help parents and children take responsibility for their learning, get the support you need on the 11+ journey. Come back each week and download top tips, methods, reading lists and games to help your child visualise success and set themselves challenging goals. Parents entrust us with their child’s senior school preparation because they want success. Meta Prep’s approach is designed to support families and pupils throughout this process. Our central focus at Meta Prep, it’s even in our name, is about giving each pupil a repertoire of cognitive (thinking) tools and strategies. Weekly lessons prepare ‘meta-learners’. These children are capable of understanding themselves, reflective about their own learning and know how to make progress, whatever challenge they are set.

Maths: The Maths component of the 11+ aims to assess children on their confidence and ability to apply Numbers, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry and Interpreting Data, in a wide range of contexts. 

English: The English component of the 11+ aims to assess children on their command of the English language and will test their Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation and Comprehension skills.

Verbal Reasoning: Reasoning contains questions which test verbal, non-verbal and spatial skills. The Reasoning Test looks at how well you can work out and apply rules and relationships between words, numbers and shapes. Verbal Reasoning is all about how well you can think using words and symbols.

Non-Verbal Reasoning: This topic assesses how well you can think about the relationships between shapes, patterns and your ability to manipulate the shapes and space in your head.

Our free 11+ resources are all designed by our experienced 11+ teachers. Sign up with Meta Prep to be confident that our resources will develop the core thought processes and levels.