How do we impact your children’s learning?

As you stare at the picture, where is your eye drawn? Is it the middle wheel or the pink words or even the names around the edge? What on earth is the message and why do we value it so highly? The 11+ Big Picture collates the core of everything we value at Meta Prep.

The starting point

Developing a child as an independent thinker with a love of learning and gaining successful entry into their senior school is our exciting mission. We are here to develop meta-learners who are ready to thrive at school and beyond. 

So, where to start? How do we gain understanding from it? Start with the outside and move inwards. By embracing the science of learning, intelligent learning behaviours and cognitive tools and strategies pupils make progress towards success in their 11+ exams.

A diamond, the most precious stone, is shaped by the pressure of the surrounding earth. Similarly, the pupil is at the centre with the tools, strategies and learning shaping them into the best they can be.

Watch our video to learn more about our Big Picture:

The 11+ Big Picture explanation

Developing a meta-learner

What is a meta-learner, you ask? A meta-learner is someone who knows how to learn. They are armed with tools and strategies that enable them to make progress. They are confident in their abilities, eager to learn more and able to adjust their thinking in all situations. 

Meta-learners delight in answering questions such as “what does the back of a rainbow look like?”  These don’t necessarily have a correct answer but provide space for reasoning and reflection.  Additionally, they can apply logic when asked, “what angles does the hour hand of a clock rotate between 1am and 8am?”  This definitely does have a correct answer and allows the meta-learner a chance to apply their previous knowledge and skills.

The extensive research Thinking Matters has done into the science of learning and intelligent learning behaviours is arranged into our 11+ Big Picture. We aim to support pupils in their quest for understanding and problem solving skills. To create expert learners and problem solvers, there must be clear teaching of cognitive tools and strategies. Learning must include deliberate practice, which is purposeful and focused practice, supported by a trained and encouraging teacher. The delivery of our curriculum is through experienced 11+ teachers acting as a coach. 

A cognitive coach

A cognitive coach is someone who knows the basic thinking processes and the importance of deliberate practice and intelligent learning behaviours. To make the greatest progress, coaches must have an in-depth understanding of the child and their potential. They must encourage and motivate pupils to develop their thinking, just like a fitness trainer encourages and motivates you to push your body further. 

Parents often say, “all I want is for my child to be happy” which is important, but not always possible. Instead, let’s say, “all I want is for my child to be prepared and able to get through anything.” 

Becoming a meta-learner fills them with rocket fuel ready for blast off to a successful and independent life.