Welcome to Meta Prep, where metacognition comes first​

How it works

What to expect

We provide parental advice and small classes to pupils already attending school in Years 4, 5 & 6 to explicitly prepare for selective UK senior school entry.

1. Book a meeting with Head to share Family ‘Objectives’ & create an initial ‘Road Map’

2. Enrolment: Child sits Baseline Assessments and access provided to Pupil Portal. ‘Road Map’ updated in further discussion with Head

3. Confirm online weekly classes that suit your child’s after-school schedule

4. Enjoy the benefits of small classes online with outstanding teachers to cover all the key 11+ topics, questions and metacognitive tools

5. Access to the Parent Portal to monitor progress and receive regular feedback

6. Meet with the Head on request for gap analysis and ‘next steps’ planning


We start preparation early so that what needs to be covered can be spaced out into small, enjoyable chunks removing the need for any last minute panics. We have designed a curriculum that covers all the key elements needed for success and we utilise technology to provide instant insights into areas that require specific focus. Broadly, children do not need additional tests or tasks beyond the two weekly sessions. On the occasion when specific action is required, resources will be provided. Each hourly lesson includes: a pre-topic test; metacognitive tools and thinking skills; focus on a key 11+ topic; exam techniques; A post-topic test; and feedback.


Having discussed your ambitions and analysed your child’s baseline assessments we will agree realistic and ‘stretch’ schools for your child to target. We will then look to place them in the most appropriate class where they will work with our outstanding specialist teachers.

Learning on your own is no fun and is not the best environment for making progress. With class sizes no larger than six and technology providing instant data on your child’s progress, our teachers are able to provide targeted attention exactly where it’s needed. The small class sizes also enable your child to get to know their classmates well, building camaraderie, and reap the benefits of the group’s collective ideas.

In Year 6, to prepare for specific entrance requirements children meet 1:1 with their Cognitive Coach.


Our experience of the requirements of the selective school assessments has enabled us to design a curriculum that explicitly prepares pupils for not only the subjects, topics and question types they will likely receive in their 11+ and pre-tests but also to develop the cognitive ability, attitudes, communication and higher order thinking skills they will also need.

Our pedagogical approach to teaching our curriculum is based on the science of learning and so its sequence is structured to enable optimal recall using the concepts of spaced practice and subject interleaving. Your child will be taught by ‘cognitive coaches’ who are trained to put into practice the proven theories behind dual coding, cognitive load theory, skilful questioning and providing timely, expert feedback.


We utilise technology that empowers our teachers, parents and pupils. Through the Parent Portal you will be able to monitor exactly where your child is currently performing in each subject against the requirements of their target school.

The Pupil Portal enables us to set your child questions on the lesson’s topic before that class begins – their answers instantly inform our teachers how to shape their lesson. We then set questions after the class to ensure that the concepts have been understood.

A gateway to senior school success

1. Expert teachers have distilled the required curriculum to cover key topics

2. Technology enables parents and pupils to monitor progress and receive regular feedback

3. Large bank of questions that familiarise students with the exams and provide low stakes testing opportunities