Introduction to 11+ Reasoning

The 11+ exam, in all its forms, is primarily an intelligence test that assesses your child’s problem-solving skills when working at speed and determines how effectively they can process information. Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning is not part of the National Curriculum and this style of assessment can feel quite strange for many children in the state system.

Monday 25th to Friday 29th October 2021 | Open to children in Year 4 & 5

The five days will introduce the underlying thinking processes inherent in the reasoning papers through the use of our Metacognitive tools and activities.

With the basic skills in place and a solid understanding of the types of questions set, pupils will be able to:

  1. Process verbal and non-verbal information
  2. Determine the inherent thinking processes involved 
  3. Apply logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  4. Practise their skills through answering 11+ style questions
  5. Receive targeted feedback from highly experienced 11+ teachers

Monday: What is reasoning?

  • Introducing the core thinking processes tested in VR & NVR papers
  • Using Thinking Frames to plan answers

Tuesday: Verbal Reasoning

  • Sorting words: Common themes, opposite/similar, odd one out, identifying categories 

Wednesday: Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Details! Details! Using a mnemonic to check all aspects of things that can change
  • Identifying different question types

Thursday: Verbal Reasoning

  • Make new words by adding, removing or changing letters and combining words 
  • Vocabulary! Vocabulary! Games and puzzles to improve your vocabulary

Friday: Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Multi layered questions
  • Spatial thinking with nets and cubes

£180 for the 5 days (7.5 hours in total)