Launch of Meta Prep

The complete online 11+ solution

Meta Prep’s vision is to provide support for parents, academic challenge and thorough preparation for selective senior school entry that is traditionally only offered by the UK’s finest prep schools through a supportive online learning community. At the heart of our approach is the development of pupils’ capacity for independent thinking and learning.

A pedagogical approach that prepares meta-learners, those capable of understanding themselves, being able to reflect on their learning and who know how to make progress, whatever challenge they are set. 

Targeted curriculum that is laser-focused on the knowledge required for the 11+ but our pedagogical approach is explicit in developing the core thought processes and levels that lie behind each of the question types that sit behind each of the different assessments used by selective senior schools. 

All our teachers trained as ‘cognitive coaches’ – meaning their objective is the explicit development of independent ‘meta-learners’. Their pedagogical art is based on the science of learning. They question skillfully, provide expert feedback, gamify their lessons to engage their pupils and use metacognitive visual tools that enable their  pupils to see and reflect on their thinking. We have adopted Exeter University’s Thinking Schools approach: putting the development of cognitive processes and intelligent learning behaviours at the centre of all that we do.

Arabella Northey, Headteacher of Meta Prep says, “Supporting a child through the 11+ or the ISEB pre-tests can be traumatic. Stress levels rise, wellbeing fails, panic sets in. Our aim at Meta Prep is to lift that stress and offer families peace of mind and to develop your child in the way best suited to them. Our priority is to nurture the attitudes and interpersonal skills that will not only enable success in the assessments but are vital to success beyond the school gates.”