Maths Skills

The foundation stones: developing confidence in Maths. 

Holiday workshop: Monday to Friday | Open to Pupils in Years 4 & 5 

By underpinning your child’s learning with a number of key skills your child will feel more confident about their maths and this in turn generates greater success in day to day lessons.

We will show them how to:

  1. Increase their speed and accuracy in mental arithmetic;
  2. Access word problems using visual tools;
  3. Be fluent in Percentages, Fractions and Decimals;
  4. Learn tips and tricks to remember key methods.

With the basic skills in place and a solid understanding of key topics, pupils will then be able to confidently tackle progressively harder questions. The motivation this brings is very significant and propels pupils to new heights.

Monday: Mastering mental arithmetic

  • Tools which help you become a champion times tabler
  • Manipulating numbers quickly

Tuesday: The four operations with fractions

  • Understanding fractions better
  • Memorable methods for the 4 operations to guarantee success

Wednesday: Decimals – the 4 operations & linking them to fractions 

  • Mastering multiplication and division of decimals
  • Converting fractions to decimals and vice versa

Thursday: Mastering percentages & linking them to decimals and fractions

  • Understanding percentages
  • Increasing/decreasing by a percentage
  • Expressing one thing as a percentage of another

Friday: Mastering word problems

  • How to use visual tools to access word problems
  • Breaking down word problems into munchable pieces

£180 for the 5 days (7.5 hours in total)