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Meet Our Staff

Arabella Head Shot II

Arabella Northey – Founder 

Arabella has spent over fifteen years working in both the state and private schools sector. As a founder of The Fulham Boys School, she developed a curriculum to equip and challenge boys of all abilities and foster a love of learning. Whilst at Wetherby Prep she successfully prepared pupils for both entry exams and scholarships to a wide range of day and boarding schools. Arabella then moved to Fulham Senior where, as Deputy Head, she developed and oversaw the implementation of the curriculum as well as the entry and interview process for both 11+ and 13+. Having completed her National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) Arabella decided to combine her interests in progressive education and leadership with technology and found Meta Prep.

Our Cognitive Coaching Team

Jennifer Christie - Head of English

Jen spent twelve years teaching English at one of London’s most prestigious independent prep schools, Pembridge Hall. She was Head of Year Six, guiding girls and their parents through the daunting 11+ process and her extensive knowledge left her in high demand as a tutor amongst the children of, not least, heads of state. Each of her pupils in the latest exam season were awarded places at their first choice schools including St Paul’s and Westminster. Having moved overseas, she discovered Zoom before it became a verb and is well-versed in designing lessons to engage children online.

Flora Watson - Head of Maths

Flora has worked as a primary school teacher for 15 years, 13 of which were at a top London day school, Thomas’s Fulham. She was Head of Year Six for 7 years, leading the team to enable children to enter their top choice of secondary school; King’s Wimbledon, Westminster and Dulwich to name a few. She has ample experience with a wide variety of assessment systems including ISEB 11+ and 13+, ISEB pretests, independent school processes and interview preparation. Additionally, Flora was Data and Outcomes Lead at Thomas’s giving her an in-depth understanding of CAT tests, phonics, Early Years data and other standardised assessments. She is an excellent teacher, having consistently achieved ‘outstanding’ judgements. Guiding pupils through lockdown, she is skilled at teaching remotely.

Alexandra Ford - English, Maths & Reasoning

Alexandra’s experience has seen her teach in London and Sydney. After completing her teacher training in Sydney, she returned to London to work at two of London’s top schools preparing pupils for the 11+ exams. Her passion for education led her to further her training and work with neurodiverse pupils. Alexandra has also worked in PE and drama, and as a form tutor, developing a ‘whole child’ approach to her teaching. Supporting pupils to understand their full potential and unlock their passion for learning has made her an invaluable cognitive coach.

Catherine Whittaker - English, Maths & Reasoning

As Head of Year Five at a renowned London prep school, Cat designed and implemented a stimulating and rigorous curriculum to equip pupils for the 11+. She has over twelve years teaching experience in the state and private sector, working in partnership with parents and pupils to foster a life-long love of learning. An experienced and sought-after tutor, Cat has enabled pupils to successfully gain places and scholarships at their first choice schools, including LEH, Godolphin and Latymer and Wycombe Abbey.

Sarah Dickenson - Maths

Sarah has spent over twenty years working in preparatory schools, initially at King’s Canterbury Junior School and latterly at Norland Place, Holland Park. She was Head of Maths at both schools and as a Year 6 form teacher she specialised in successfully preparing pupils for entry and scholarships to a wide range of independent and grammar schools. Sarah has been instrumental in the creation and development of our Digital Platform.  

Louisa Murphy - English

Louisa designed and implemented a curriculum to equip students with the literacy and language skills needed to thrive from Year 6 through to GCSE and A-Level English during her years as Head of English and Head of Literacy. She is passionate about the written word and delights in helping children develop their written repertoire. She has an in-depth understanding of phonics and reading skills; this led to her becoming a sought-after literacy specialist tutor for pupils at Wetherby Prep, Wetherby Senior and Francis Holland. Louisa is skilled at improving reading and writing skills and has recently tutored dyslexic children of all ages to achieve examination success.

We are always looking for the very best 11+ teachers. If you:

  • have experience of teaching the 11+; 
  • are passionate about supporting children to fulfil their potential and developing independent, self-reflective learners;
  • are interested in your own professional development as a ‘cognitive coach’;
  • are comfortable with technology.

Email: contact@metaprep.co.uk

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