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'Learning How to Learn' Workshops

Equipping students with the skills to learn

Our ‘Learning How to Learn’ workshops are suitable for pupils in Years 4 to 7. Delivered face-to-face and online by accredited ‘Cognitive Coaches’ teaching your students:

  1. How their brain’s work;
  2. How to develop their thinking processes;
  3. How to plan and use metacognitive tools;
  4. How to make progress whatever the problem or challenge put in front of them.

Lessons offered at a time that suits your timetable, but especially when you are struggling to find cover or need an offer for students isolating at home.

By embracing the Science of Learning, Intelligent Learning Behaviours and cognitive tools and strategies, we develop meta-learners who are ready to thrive at school and beyond; armed with tools and strategies that enable them to make progress towards success. By the end, there is an observable change in children’s confidence and independence. They are more likely to participate in discussions and think about responses even if they don’t know the answer.

What's involved?

  1. Choose one of our six 90-minute workshops.
  2. Introduction to various Metacognitive tools: Thinking Levels, core Thinking Processes and Intelligent Learning Behaviours.
  3. Links made with common misconceptions in Maths and English.
  4. A homework challenge set to follow-up and embed concepts.
  5. Sessions delivered face-to-face online with a DBS checked Cognitive Coach via Zoom or in person.

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