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Tailored Interview Practice

When it comes to applying to the top independent schools, passing the academic exams are only the first hurdle. Every year candidates do all they can to prepare for the exams only to realise, often too late, that once those are passed it’s the interview that will determine whether they get into the school of their dreams. Take Latymer Upper, who last year had 1,100 candidates sit its exams, 400 of whom reached interview after which only 170 were accepted. These sorts of ratios are common amongst the best schools – so how can you help your child make the interview cut?

It’s a difficult balancing act, the last thing schools want are over prepped robots who come across as un-natural, but it is also all too common that good candidates miss out on places by interviewing badly. The aim is to create a low-stakes session where your child can test out their answers or think about the types of questions that will be posed in future.

To build your child’s confidence and understanding our mock interview (£75) will provide:

  1. An interview, similar to the one they will encounter on the day, either via Zoom if the interview is online or in person at one of our interview courses;
  2. A practice interview with an experienced interviewer whom they won’t have met before – to mirror the actual assessment day;
  3. Typical questions to those asked by your target school.
  4. Feedback session at the end with strengths highlighted and targets shared.

After an online interview, you receive the recording to download and watch back and if you thought it of benefit, could share with your child. After a face-to-face interview, we will supply a detailed, personalised report that highlights strengths, flags areas that can be worked on and tips on how to practice at home.

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