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The power of the Grade

As a secondary school leader, the main driver is ensuring that all pupils achieve their predicted grades or exceed it. Ofsted judges the excellence of

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Etymology: words have power, beauty, potential

What’s in a word?

Last week, we talked about the history of numbers; spoken and written language are closely intertwined. Together they have developed and changed since their invention

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Embracing neurodiversity

Diana Hudson has taught science in secondary schools for more than 35 years and is a qualified teacher of learners with specific learning difficulties. She

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The Spell in Spelling

We invited Georgie Cooney, an author and a fully qualified teacher who is passionate about creating a positive learning experience for all children, to write

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Memoirs of a Tutor

Today’s blog is written by Jen Christie, Meta Prep’s Head of English Forget about Jules Verne’s novel, ‘Round the World in 80 Days’. In just

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