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Our Teaching Approach


Parents entrust us with their child’s senior school preparation because they want success. Meta Prep’s approach is designed to support families and pupils throughout this process. Our central focus at Meta Prep, it’s even in our name, is about giving each pupil a repertoire of cognitive (thinking) tools and strategies. Weekly lessons prepare ‘meta-learners’. These children are capable of understanding themselves, reflective about their own learning and know how to make progress, whatever challenge they are set.

This results in significant additional progress to previously predicted grades and develops a lifelong love of learning that enables children to thrive in the exams, their secondary schools and beyond.

The Meta Prep 11+ Big Picture
Attributes Sought by Selective Schools

Our curriculum is laser-focused on the knowledge required for the 11+ exams and our teaching approach is explicit in developing the core thought processes and levels. These lie behind each of the question types that shape the different assessments used by selective senior schools.

Our teachers are all trained as ‘cognitive coaches’; their objective is the explicit development of independent ‘meta-learners’ and is based on the science of learning. They question skilfully, provide expert feedback, gamify their lessons to engage their pupils and use metacognitive visual tools that enable their pupils to see and reflect on their thinking.

There is also a specific focus on nurturing the attitudes and interpersonal skills that will not only enable success in the assessments but are vital beyond the school gates.

Year 6 assessments for selective senior schools are seeking to look beyond candidates whose only skill is to regurgitate answers. Cognitive ability tests, interview questions that probe for higher order thinking skills and team exercises seeking out emotional intelligence are now universal assessment tools.

This is the age of the meta-learner: independent thinkers and learners with the unique human attributes to flourish in a world of increased Artificial Intelligence.

As such, our teachers’ develop meta-learners in line with the approach taken by Thinking Matters – where teachers take the role of the cognitive coach, nurturing a learner to think for themselves rather than spoon feeding answers to be regurgitated without thought.

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