Welcome to Meta Prep, where metacognition comes first

Welcome to meta prep

Thinking Matters! I founded Meta Prep to teach children how to apply metacognition and self-regulation to their learning. Evidence suggests the use of ‘metacognitive strategies’ encouraging pupils to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning, can be worth the equivalent of an additional +7 months’ progress when used well (EEF, 2018). The wider benefits for children that are equipped as meta-learners ensures that they are: skilled, independent and reflective learners; with greater motivation for learning; and have improved attitudes, behaviours and coping strategies in and out of the classroom.

We help develop children’s ability: to take ownership of their own learning; to know that their thinking is malleable; and to understand their motivations in order to fulfil their true potential. Meta Prep is a supportive community for fun, safe learning where all our students will flourish.

Our vision is to be the complete solution for schools and parents to prepare children to meet the demands of a changing and challenging world. In our lessons, we take a pupil-centred coaching approach in all our lessons, along with ensuring that it is a fun and enriching experience built on a strong foundation of learning principles.

We fully support families and schools by developing confident and life-long learners and advising parents on school choices.

At Meta Prep everything you need:

  1. Clear, trustworthy advice about which schools to target.
  2. Knowledge of entry requirements to each school.
  3. Outstanding teaching that will prepare your child for their specific school.
  4. An educational methodology that will future proof your child to thrive in life beyond school.
  5. Technology that not only enables us to offer incredible insights on pupil progress but allows us to provide all of the above at an outstanding price point.

I look forward to welcoming you and your children to Meta Prep.

Arabella Northey
MTheol (Hons), QTS, NPQH

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