Baseline Diagnostic Assessments

Getting children to think about their thinking

Our baseline diagnostic assessments are a low-cost, no-risk way to assess your child’s current progress. With assessments in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, parents and coaches will be able to identify a child’s strengths and their gaps in knowledge and understanding. These assessments are a great place to start the journey towards secondary school entrance exams with diagnostics available to be repeated in Years 4, 5 and 6. Children are then able to reflect on their progress and take responsibility for their learning.

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What’s included in the diagnostic assessment?

1. Baseline Diagnostic Assessments in English, Maths and Reasoning.
2. Assessments targeted at your child’s age.
3. An individual report compiled afterwards with a comprehensive breakdown of topics.







Our vision is to be the complete solution and your partner for selective senior school entry. Meta Prep incorporates the best offered by prep schools, primary schools, tutoring and technology platforms under one, affordable roof for 11+ success. Our approach is designed to fully support families and pupils throughout their journey.

At Meta Prep, we want to ensure that preparing for senior school is a fun and enriching experience built on a strong foundation of learning principles. The goal is to get children thinking deeply, equipping them with a ‘metacognitive’ toolkit so that they understand how to learn and are set for life, able to sail through the 11+ and onto their next challenge with confidence. Our aim is for children to take ownership of their own learning, to know that their thinking is malleable and to understand their motivations in order to fulfil their true potential.

Parents can trust that their children have covered the key 11+ topics and are fully prepared for their target schools. We have drawn on our teaching team’s experience to identify the topics and skills for success in the senior school assessments. They are trained as ‘Cognitive Coaches,’ delivering lessons that use techniques and strategies to unlock the potential of their pupils.