Where Metacognition Comes First

Getting children to think about their thinking

Our central focus at Meta Prep, it’s even in our name, is about giving each pupil a repertoire of cognitive (thinking) tools and strategies. Weekly lessons prepare ‘meta-learners’ through fun and engaging activities. Resulting in children who are reflective about their own learning and know how to make progress, whatever challenge they are set.

This results in significant additional progress to previously predicted grades and develops a lifelong love of learning that enables children to thrive in the exams, their secondary schools and beyond. Additionally, your child will complete their weekly challenge to embed the
knowledge, thinking skills and cognitive processes on their 11+ journey. 

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What’s included in the term’s fees?
1. A Motivation Map identifying ways to motivate your child.
2. Baseline Diagnostic Assessments in English, Maths and Reasoning.
3. One or two weekly sessions of 60 minutes over 12 weeks.
4. Introduction to a complete Metacognitive toolkit: Thinking Levels, core Thinking Processes and Intelligent Learning Behaviours.
5. A weekly challenge to follow-up and embed concepts.
6. Access to our repertoire of learning games and Quizlet site.

Read more about our laser-focused curriculum and how we prepare children for 11+ exam success.

Our vision is to be the complete solution and your partner for selective senior school entry. Meta Prep incorporates the best offered by prep schools, primary schools, tutoring and technology platforms under one, affordable roof for 11+ success. Our approach is designed to fully support families and pupils throughout their journey.

At Meta Prep, we want to ensure that preparing for senior school is a fun and enriching experience built on a strong foundation of learning principles. The goal is to get children thinking deeply, equipping them with a ‘metacognitive’ toolkit so that they understand how to learn and are set for life, able to sail through the 11+ and onto their next challenge with confidence. Our aim is for children to take ownership of their own learning, to know that their thinking is malleable and to understand their motivations in order to fulfil their true potential.

Parents can trust that their children have covered the key 11+ topics and are fully prepared for their target schools. We have drawn on our teaching team’s experience to identify the topics and skills for success in the senior school assessments. They are trained as ‘Cognitive Coaches,’ delivering lessons that use techniques and strategies to unlock the potential of their pupils.