What’s important? Mental Health or Knowledge? Creating the right conditions for learning

Mental Health is not just important, it is paramount and fundamental to our physical and emotional welfare. Improving mental health cannot just be about offering something to fix the problem, it is about establishing healthy foundations and routines. Reading Dr Naomi Fisher’s blog this week about the ‘crisis in mental health’, exacerbated by the past … Read more

Does your thinking often spin you around in circles?

Our guide to problem solving, cognitive strategies and using the brain to our advantage. Building your cognitive tools and strategies  What’s the best way of improving our learning ability? A metacognitive toolkit! Every person should have one to aid their learning, increase progress and cultivate their interests. A metacognitive toolkit contains thinking strategies and visual … Read more

Are exams damaging, outdated and stressful?

Education journalists have never been so busy. A second bout of remote learning, concerns about catch-up curriculum and the government wading in with ideas about longer school days tend to generate a lot of debate and print coverage.  GCSEs were brought in to provide an exit ticket for pupils wishing to leave formal education at … Read more