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Year 4 Curriculum

Targeted & focused on 11+ success

We start preparation early so that what needs to be covered can be spaced out into small, enjoyable chunks removing the need for any last minute panics. By embracing the science of learning, intelligent learning behaviours and cognitive tools and strategies pupils make progress towards success in their 11+ exams. A significant focus on developing the underlying Thinking Processes for the Cognitive Ability Tests is inherent at Meta Prep. Our Year 4 curriculum introduces all the key 11+ elements needed for success and incorporates the approach, language and special metacognitive tools that develop higher order thinking skills.

Developing a child as an independent thinker with a love of learning and gaining successful entry into their senior school is our exciting mission. We are here to develop meta-learners who are ready to thrive at school and beyond; armed with tools and strategies that enable them to make progress. They are confident in their abilities, eager to learn more and able to adjust their thinking in all situations. 

The step-by-step process

1. A Motivation Map completed by the child before they start.
2. Child sits Baseline Diagnostic Assessments.
3. Access provided to our Pupil Portal with extensive 11+ style questions.
4. Pick one online weekly class that suits your child’s after-school schedule
5. Each class introduces our Metacognitive toolkit: Thinking Levels, core Thinking Processes and Intelligent Learning Behaviours.
6. Complete weekly challenge to introduce and review concepts.
7. Feedback and results shared in the Parent Portal.

“Thank you so much, we are totally convinced that everything Jen and the course did got William into Dulwich.”
Joe, Dulwich Parent

“A really versatile and valuable curriculum with fantastic teaching”
Olivia, Wycombe Abbey Parent

“The lessons with Mrs Dickenson have totally transformed Adhrit’s maths scores and confidence. Thank you”
Samina, Kent Test Parent

“We were very impressed with the teachers and my daughter was really well prepared for the Kent Test. She particularly enjoyed the varied activities so it didn’t feel like too much work”
Ludmila, Kent Test Parent

“My daughter enjoyed the course so much that on the last day she told me how sad she would be at not logging in to her lessons and how much she would miss it. The programme is well designed. Very experienced teachers that know how to engage with all the pupils in their care. As a parent you can see the results immediately after the lesson with the teacher.”

Helena, Woodford County Parent

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Children in Year 4 or Year 5 can experience 60 mins of thinking processes, metacognitive visual tools, 11+ topics and a whole lot of learning fun with our experienced teachers.