Welcome to Meta Prep, where metacognition comes first

Year 6 Curriculum

Targeted & focused on 11+ success

Every school has different admissions criteria and this makes the final months a challenge for parents and pupils alike. In Year 6, the focus is on specific school requirements and specialist papers to ensure that each child is fully equipped and prepared for 11+ success. We create a bespoke plan for the final crucial months leading up to the 11+ exams to ensure success. All pupils in Year 6 have access to our digital platform and can arrange 1:1 sessions with a cognitive coach. 

Our central focus at Meta Prep, it’s even in our name, is about underpinning learning with a repertoire of cognitive (thinking) tools and strategies. Equipping children with the capacity to understanding themselves, reflect on their own learning and know how to make progress; whatever challenge they are set. This results in significant additional progress to previously predicted grades and develops a lifelong love of learning that enables children to thrive in the exams, their secondary schools and beyond. A significant focus on developing the underlying Thinking Processes for the Cognitive Ability Tests is inherent at Meta Prep.

The step-by-step process

  1. A Motivation Map completed by your child to reveal their key motivators and unlock potential.
  2. Sit a baseline Diagnostic Assessment in English, Maths, Verbal & Non-Verbal reasoning to assess gaps in knowledge.
  3. Pick 1:1 sessions in the topics at a time that suits your child’s schedule.
  4. Introduction to the Metacognitive toolkit and language: Thinking Levels, core Thinking Processes and Intelligent Learning Behaviours.
  5. Access to our Digital Platform with 1000s of 11+ exam questions.